Are there any chemicals in the product?

No, Warpaint is 100% natural - 100% vegan.

How long do I brush my teeth for?

Gently brush for 2 minutes, for extra whitening power you can leave it in your mouth for another few minutes before rinsing well.

How often can I use it?

Use as often as needed, everyday if you like!!

How much do I use?

Very Little, only cover the tip of your wet toothbrush bristles.

Can my kids use it?

Yes, Warpaint is safe for kids of all ages.

I have sensitive teeth and gums, can I use it?

Yes, Warpaint is non-irritating, use a soft bristle toothbrush.

I have braces. Can I use it?

Wait until the braces come off because it won't whiten underneath the braces. Bus as soon as they come off, give it a go.

I have dental work done. Can I use it?

Hundreds of people are using Warpaint without a problem, saying that it works great on their teeth. It is the safest way to whiten and deeply clean. However, if you're concerned, try some Warpaint on a little spot first to make sure. Or, your could check with your dentist first. Warpaint works especially well with extrinsic stains on teeth caused by food, drink and cigarettes.

I am pregnant. Can I use it?

Warpaint ingredients are all natural, some organic. In comparison with a regular toothpaste, or a teeth whitening product which is full of chemicals, Warpaint is the safest alternative there is. Even so, when pregnant, it is recommended you consult with your healthcare professional, just for your own peace of mind.

How soon will I see results?

We are all different, but most people notice an immediate improvement, especially when teeth are discoloured. Warpaint works especially well with extrinsic stains on teeth caused by food, drink, and tobacco. It is a natural alternative to chemical whitening products, and for some users it is a gradual improvement. Certain foods and drinks stain teeth so it is important to brush your teeth after eating. Brushing your teeth with Warpaint will give you that dentist clean feeling. You jar should last for around 3 months when used daily.

Can it damage the enamel on my teeth?

No, it will strengthen the enamel.

Can it change the PH of my mouth?

Yes, it can be helpful in changing the ph and health of your mouth, effectively killing the bad bacteria present in tooth decay and gingivitis.

Can I use Warpaint for Oil Pulling?

Yes, it is perfect. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to 1/4 teaspoon of Warpaint. Swish it in your mouth for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. You can use this method several times a week.

Can I use Warpaint as my daily toothpaste?

Yes. You can even mix it with coconut oil into a paste.

Is Warpaint tested on animals?

We love our animals and can absolutely assure you that Warpaint is cruelty free, and not tested on animals.

Will it stain my clothes?

Yes, it stains everything. Do not drop it! Have a dark washcloth by your sink.

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How do I use Warpaint?


Have another look at our instructional video here...




Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into Warpaint

Brush in small, gentle circles for 2 minutes

Keep your lips closed while brushing

Spit carefully and rinse really well

Now take a tiny bit of Warpaint on your finger

Smudge some on your cheek

Snap a photo

Post it on Instagram using the hashtag #pearlywhitesrock


Use as often as needed and don't inhale the powder!